step 1: What's Your Home Worth?

One of the most important steps in the process of selling your home is knowing the price it's worth. Our Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) will pull comparable properties in your area sold within the last six months and show what each home sold for. This will give us a recommended low, medium, and high starting price.

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 Step 2: Paperwork

The next step after your CMA is to complete and sign all of the paper work. Below you will see a copy and explanation breakdown of each agreement. Don't sweat it! I will walk you through this process in person once we meet.


This agreement gives Divine Real Estate permission to represent the seller and list the seller's home on the Multi Listing Service (MLS) database. This also gives all Licensed Realtor's access to the seller's listing so they are able to to show the listing to their buyer. It is an exclusive agreement because in the event the seller finds their own buyer and wants to get out of contract, the seller is able to do so without owing a commission.

Property disclosure forms protect both the seller and buyer by describing the condition of the property. Here the seller will give details of all known issues so that the future buyer is fully aware of the state of the home.

Agency disclosure forms let the seller or buyer know what their legal rights are with any Real Estate brokerage or agent. It also describes the difference between a single and dual agent.


 STep 3: Advertising


After the paper work and your home is listed on the Multi Listing Service (MLS), Divine Real Estate advertises your home giving it maximum exposure to potential buyers.


step 4: Executing a Contract

Once a buyer is interested in your home- the fun begins! Negotiating a contract. Once both parties are satisfied, the seller and buyer will sign off on an executed contract and the work begins!


step 5: Inspection Period

In the contract there will be a negotiated period of time for inspections to be completed by the buyer. During this time, the buyer can inspect the home and decide if she/he is satisfied or would like to ask the seller to fix certain things. If the buyer asks the seller to fix anything, the seller can accept or reject the request.


step 6: Final Walk Through

After a successful inspection period and close to the closing date, a final walk through will be completed by the buyer. This is to ensure that the home/property is in the same condition as when the contract was first executed.


step 7: clear to close

Within a week of closing, the title company/ attorney will receive a clear to close. A clear to close will initiate a settlement statement, also known as a HUD (Housing and Urban Development), for the buyer and seller. This statement shows which costs go to where and who will pay for them, per the contract.


Did you know?.... the State of South Carolina, you can qualify for the First Time Home Buyers program, even if you have owned a home recently? Contact Me for details.