step 1: become prequalified

 Contact a lender to become prequalified.  Once approved, the lender can tell the buyer what their monthly payment will include so the buyer will know what price range they are interested in. If you need recommendations for a lender, Contact Me and I would be happy to help!


 Step 2: find out what you are looking for

Call Me! The buyer and I will discuss what area and what preferences they are interested in. We will also go over the price range they are most comfortable with. As a Licensed Realtor I have access to every house listed with other licensed Realtors. A great way to find homes meeting the buyer's preferences is to set up a home search through MLS (Multi Listing Service). Once a house meets the buyer's preferences, details of the house is sent via e-mail. This gives the buyer the advantage of seeing a house before most others know about them.

Click here to have homes e-mailed to you based on your preferences.


 STep 3: House searching


Once we find a house the buyer is interested in, I set an appointment and we view the house. The buyer might find themselves interested in many houses and we can make a day out of it! 


step 4: Negotiating the contract

Once we find a home the buyer wants to purchase, Divine assists the buyer in writing an offer to the seller. A few examples of what is negotiated in the offer are the sales price, closing costs, whether or not to have a home warranty, and if the buyer requests any 'moveable objects' to remain after closing. The seller has the option to accept, reject, or counter the offer. 


step 5: Inspection & paper work

Once the offer is accepted, the inspection period begins. In the contract there will be a negotiated period of time for inspections to be completed by the buyer. During this time, the buyer can inspect the home and decide if she/he is satisfied or would like to ask the seller to fix certain things. If the buyer asks the seller to fix anything, the seller can accept or reject the request. Once the inspection requests are accepted by the seller and buyer, paperwork is provided to the lender and title company/attorney.


step 6: Final Walk Through

After a successful inspection period and close to the closing date, a final walk through will be completed by the buyer. This is to ensure that the home/property is in the same condition as when the contract was first executed.


step 7: clear to close

Within a week of closing, the title company/ attorney will receive a clear to close. A clear to close will initiate a settlement statement, also known as a HUD (Housing and Urban Development), for the buyer and seller. This statement shows which costs go to where and who will pay for them, per the contract. This also tells the buyer how much they will need to bring to closing. 


Step 8: Get your keys

At closing you will get the keys to your new home! Congratulations! 


Did you know?....

...in the State of South Carolina, you can qualify for the First Time Home Buyers program, even if you have owned a home recently? Contact Me for details.